You have 30 days to make a return for an exchange or store credit. If your product was damaged, we will exchange the item for a non-damaged unit. If we are unable to offer a replacement, we will issue a refund.

Yes! We include samples with orders, so long as it's available. We try to honor every request for samples unless you have received one in the past. 

Absolutely! Feel free to send us an email and we'd be happy to help you find what product is best for you.

Used or opened items* can be returned for a store credit in the full amount paid for the item. 

Every Deodorant has an 18month shelf life but we recommend using within 12months for efficacy. 

 Our Deodorants are Invisible Solids. It is NOT a Roll-On. It goes on Clear and has no White residue. As a matter of fact, there is not a trace that it is there!

NOT particularly, but we know we serve a Unique audience. Parents should test to make sure products are suitable for their Childs needs before using.

But we have done our very best to make it kid friendly.

When should a child start using Deodorant
The decision to start using deodorant is a personal one, therefore; parents should do their research and determine when it will be best to begin.

Here is our opinion: 
We wish we leaved in a world were our bodies stay smelling as cute as it did the first week we were born, RIGHT? But the truth is, everyone gets to that point were they develop B O – part of the growing process. 
At a certain age, kids don't want to be treated like babies, they understand they are growing up and want some level of independence. This often includes finding products that are age appropriate, establishing their transition from babes to adolescence unto teen years and adulthood. So we think it's always the best option to choose a natural alternative when starting a lifestyle regime.


*Some products may be final sale due to sanitary reasons - those products will have a note on the initial receipt.