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Deodorant for kids 

At grownish, we're empowering people of all ages with the power of access to clean personal care by creating and sharing wildly effective and incredibly scented formulas.  


   My passion for changing the way families use deodorant is personal. When my daughter, Jessica developed under-arm odor at the age of 6, I had no idea BO started that early being that she was my first child. Not wanting to use traditional deodorant, I truly found no deodorant that catered to growing kids. Even more concerning was that they all involved some chemicals like aluminum, paraben, triclosan, talc, propylene glycol, phthalates, and other uncertain ingredients.

Soon after I had an "Aha" moment, I began putting together a line of Kids deodorant products that were plant-based, kid-friendly, and specifically targeted to stop their *ahem* unique odor. With this vision in mind, I sought the advice of experts, including the opinions of parents and pediatrician. With much R & D, testings, my team and I began developing a deodorant product for pre-teens, teens, and beyond. And that’s how grownish was born. 



 We are leading a bold part to clean deodorant and personal hygiene for pre-teens, teens, and adults.



 We believe access to quality personal care products should be available to everyone, no matter your age. We are truly passionate and committed to offering families a natural start, so we appreciate your support!