In the beauty community, we've seen a surge in not only non-toxic and all-natural deodorants but ones that actually work and actually smell good (not all natural deodorants have to smell like patchouli). But when I came across the Growing Basics non-toxic deodorant designed specifically for kids and tweens, it was the first I've seen of its kind.

I happen to have three kiddos...two daughters and one son, and they are all between the ages of 10 and 14. That means a lot of hormones and a lot of body odor in our home! Over the years I've had to find gentle bath and body products for two of my children, as they both have allergies, and one has eczema. Generally we like to use products with fewer chemicals and preservatives in every area of our lives. The things we put onto our skin unarguably wind up absorbing into the skin and into the bloodstream. I was thrilled to find a deodorant like Growing Basics for our growing tweens.


It started with the simple idea: to make deodorant that catered to growing kids. To do away with harsh chemicals. And to give families a better alternative that they would love.

I am one thankful mom that they created these products. The deodorants at Growing Basics truly are designed for youth, with cute and colorful packaging and fun scents like Pear-Berry and Just Shine - Cherry Blossom. For tween girls who may want something a little more grown-up but still youthful, there are scents like Flawless Chic (water lily and tea rose) and Sport A in Ocean Spring.

I love that they also have effective, non-toxic deodorant designed for boys. Our son is 14 going on 15 and definitely needs an effective deodorant. The Growing Basics HERO scent is a fresh clean scent with notes of citrus, cucumber, and amber. It's a nice masculine scent that doesn't smell overly masculine. The odor protection is both effective and long-lasting (up to 24 hours).

The deodorants for boys and girls each come in a convenient traditional deodorant stick, and the formulas glide on very smoothly and easily without any residue.


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